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Ricardo Vailes has worn several hats in the entertainment industry since 1998. He first served as a production assistant for television shows such as ABC’s “American Idol” and HBO’s “The Chris Rock Show”, assisting Ali Leroi. He then freelanced as a developing producer for pilots on MTV Networks.

As consulting producer, he contributed to the Emmy-nominated documentary, “Without Bias”, part of ESPN’s 30 for 30 series.

Taking on more of a leadership role, he raised capital and produced “Suddenly Single”, a pilot series with Bravo actress, Robin Dixon. He also participated in raising capital for several feature films on behalf of Archstone Pictures, Revek Entertainment and Due Diligence Productions.

At present, Ricardo is participating in the development of the Ella Fitzgerald biopic, “Diamonds and Waterfalls”, and recently finished producing a drama television series, “Narcos”.

In the past year, he has begun working in the music industry as well, serving as executive producer on the Nicky Jam 2020 concert in Miami and most recently as a consulting producer on the 2021 Presidential Inauguration gospel concert.

Most recently, Ricardo founded the POSSIBLE Humanitarian Concert Series and is currently developing the program into implementation.

Dennis Ramdahin

Dennis Ramdahin is a sustainable development professional with cross-disciplinary experience in poverty alleviation and climate mitigation project development, resource and community mobilization, and systems-thinking/whole system design project execution at the field level.

Ramdahin career kickstart was the first active introduction of greening of New York State government (dating back to 1999), with focus on energy master planning, green building design, energy life cycle financial modeling, all aimed at supporting the reduction of greenhouse gases from the dense built sector environment of New York City.

In 2005 Ramdahin engaged the Association of Haitian Engineers of America (ADIHA) on “Theoretical Modelling for Poverty Alleviation in Haiti”, and brought this work to the attention of the President of Haiti. Shortly thereafter in 2006-07, Ramdahin served as sustainable lead on the US Secretary of Air Force greening military bases model exercise, where he developed the “Total Life Cycle Energy-Economic-Carbon Financial Decision Making Model”.

In 2009, Ramdahin founded the Vihara Foundation as Lead Research and Project Director of the “Vihar Poverty Alleviation Project”, a major whole-system-thinking Business and Scientific Model to drive agriculture, energy, water, and biodiversity restoration in India’s poorest sector, Bihar/Uttar Pradesh (erstwhile British India stronghold territory). This work has progressed over the last decade and now entering engineering buildout.

In 2022, Ramdahin affiliated with and began steering the project design and development for the Justice for Women Every Girl’s City, a safe haven community build to bring livelihood innovation and economic sustainability to those most in need (starting in South Africa, Eastern Cape).

Ramdahin is also currently working on deploying innovative entertainment fundraising and resource mobilization capacity in support of the global poverty alleviation, climate and disaster management scope. He founded in 2011 the international fundraising initiative Rock against Poverty, which is now evolved as the POSSIBLE Humanitarian Concert Initiative to raise funds for sustainable projects across the world.

Ramdahin holds a MSc and BSc Degrees in Environmental Management, Health and Safety from the City University of New York, and is pursuing a “reverse” Ph.D. in the area of poverty alleviation and sustainable development.

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